Market Analysis
  • The US energy crisis

    US Crude oil (4 Hour) If you listen to Cathy woods, she says that the price of crude oil will peak out because of deflationary pressures moving forward which relates […]

  • The One Topic That Professional Traders Understand

    A lot of retail traders are mainly focusing on technical analysis. Those better ones put more focus on risk management and their trading psychology. I agree that these topics are […]

  • A Reliable Rate Hike Is Back On The Table

    Marching up the hill, the market is expecting a rate hike from the BoE During the September’s monetary policy meeting, the Bank of England (BoE) hinted at the market that […]

  • Weekly Analysis – EOS: Is This Crypto Going To Be Awaken?

    Many smart contract platforms have soared in price, with EOS (EOSUSDy) as an exception. However, does this mean that all hope is lost on EOSUSDy? In fact, I think that […]

  • How I Deal With My Trading Losses

    I Stopped Focusing So Much on % Win Rate On a typical year, my win rate for this year is about 45%, yet my account equity curve is still going […]

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